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Personal project: Risograph

What is Risograph?

Risograph is an old school printing technique. The prints are made with a stencil duplicator printing one or two colours at a time.There has been a real 'Renaissance' of risoprinting. Nowadays a lot of designers and publishers have started to use the Risograph technique for small art and design projects. There are a lot of reasons why Riso has become so popular again. Riso is economically viable, has vivid colors and is environmentally-friendly.

Why Risograph?

From the first time I had layed eyes on a Risograph print I was sold. The main reason why I liked it is that it's very tactile, you can really feel the inkt. I also liked the bright colors and the effects of overprint. That's why I decided to do a project about it. I did an internship at a Risograph studio in Brussels called "Chez Rosi". I learned the specifics of the process and I had the opportunity to experience it first hand. I designed and printed 12 booklets, which I wrote an essay about.

twelve booklets